We will develop programs to achieve our goals of open exchange of information, sharing of resources, cross-disciplinary research, and collaborative approaches to research.


Asia-Pacific Research Network for Resilient Affordable Housing will hold two international workshops per year. Each workshop will promote a theme such as composite lightweight materials and systems, automated off-site manufacturing, mass customisation and complex systems thinking, which are essential components of prefabricated affordable housing. The topic of off-site manufacturing techniques and innovative financing models for affordable housing in developing countries will be explored. Workshops will be held in Australia and throughout the Asia-Pacific network.

Research projects

Our role will also include facilitating joint research projects among the network partners. These joint research projects are intended for industry partners and researchers from member countries to identify industry requirements and opportunities for innovating new materials and building systems, which are suitable for the local conditions in each country.

Annual conference

The Annual Conference will showcase research fostered by Asia-Pacific Research Network for Resilient Affordable Housing (APRAH). The first APRAH annual conference will be held in 2018 with a theme focusing on current issues experienced in the residential building industry including housing affordability in the Asia-Pacific region. This initiative will encourage an open exchange of information across disciplinary, organisational, institutional and geographical boundaries.