Francis Laboratory

Supporting advanced research and teaching facilities for construction testing, grading and a range of material testing. The Francis Laboratory includes structural, concrete and material testing facilities.  All tests are conducted in accordance with Australian Standards.

Francis Laboratory Brochure

Our testing capabilities

  • Laboratory Tests
    • Advanced Materials for construction testing capacity
    • Concrete properties assessment
    • Workability/rheology assessment
    • Composite testingTimber – CLT
    • Fire performance testing
    • Thermoperformance of materials and systems
    • Compressive Strength
    • Tensile Strength (all scale samples from film to full scale beams)
    • Aggregate Grading
    • VPV- Voids Testing
    • Water Permeability & Water Absorption
    • Acidic environment
    • pH Profiling, chlorine profiling
    • Rebound Hammer (Schmidt Hammer) testing
    • Concrete Staining & Efflorescence
    • Surface Coatings Analysis
    • Chloride migration test
    • Corrosion test
    • Carbonation test
    • Impact test
    • NDT testing
  • Laboratory Research
    • Advanced materials for constructions (Concrete, Composite, steel, Timber)
    • Structure systems
    • Admixture Evaluations
    • Secondary Cementitious Materials Analysis
    • Advanced concrete technology (Recycled Concrete, Ultra-High-Performance Concrete, Self-Healing Concrete, self-compacting concrete)
    • Corrosion impact on Reinforced concrete
    • Earthquake and Damn Simulations
    • Large range of Non-Destructive testing
    • Fire performance of materials for construction and systems
    • 3D printing
    • Durability of materials for construction (concrete, timber, composite, steel)