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Book chapters

Milliotte, C.; Jonoud, S.; Wennberg, OP.; Matthäi, SK.; Jurkiw, A.; Mosser, L. (2018) “Well-data-based discrete fracture and matrix modelling and flow-based upscaling of multilayer carbonate reservoir horizons”. Ashton, M.; Dee, SJ.; Wennberg, OP. (Ed.) Geological Society Special Publication. London. Geologica. pp: 191-210. DOI:10.1144/SP459.7

Journal articles

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Journal articles

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Journal articles

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Conference Papers

Sedaghat, MH.; Gerke, K.; Azizmohammadi, S.; Matthai, SK. (2016) “Simulation-Based Determination of Relative Permeability in Laminated Rocks” Ask, M.; Bruckman, V.; Juhlin, C.; Kempka, T.; Kuhn, M. (Ed.) European-Geosciences-Union General Assembly ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV. pp: 433-439. DOI:10.1016/j.egypro.2016.10.041


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Journal articles

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Conference Papers

Bazrafkan, S.; Matthai, S.; Mindel, J. (2014) “The Finite-element-centered Finite-Volume Discretization Method (FECFVM) for Multiphase Transport in Porous Media with Sharp Material Discontinuities” 14th European Conference on the Mathematics of Oil Recovery (ECMOR) EAGE.

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Journal articles

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Conference Papers

Doan, T.; Milliotte, C.; Matthäi, S.; Phuoc, L. (2013) “Exploring a new characterization, modeling and simulation workflow for vietnamese basement reservoirs”

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Conference Papers

Lang, P.; Steinecker, S.; Bazr Afkan, S.; Matthäi, SK. (2012) “Stress dependent anisotropy of relative permeabilities in naturally fractured reservoirs”

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Journal articles

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Conference Papers

Agheshlui, H. (2011) “Investigation of the influence of post installation of vertical braces in the lateral capacity of jacket type offshore platforms” Fragomeni, S.; Venkatesan, S.; Lam, NTK.; Setunge, S. (Ed.) 21st Australasian Conference on the Mechanics of Structures and Materials (ACMSM) CRC PRESS-TAYLOR & FRANCIS GROUP. pp: 721-726.

Matthai, S. (2011) “Keynote address: Understanding flow in naturally fractured reservoirs with the aid of numerical simulation”


Journal articles

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Conference Papers

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Journal articles

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Conference Papers

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Journal articles

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Conference Papers

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Journal articles

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Conference Papers

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Journal articles

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Journal articles

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Conference Papers

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Journal articles

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Conference Papers

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Journal articles

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Journal articles

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Conference Papers

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Journal articles

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Conference Papers

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Journal articles

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Conference Papers

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Journal articles

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Journal articles

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Journal articles

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Journal articles

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