Reliability-based performance measurement framework to facilitate the resilience in social PPPs

Efficient and effective social PPP infrastructure, such as schools and hospitals, is indispensable for supporting social well-being and economy development of society. However, its performance in part will be affected by external changes, shocks or variations. Resilient social PPPs are expected recently, so as to be capable of suiting changing conditions. Since performance measurement enable social PPPs to be properly modified and improved to enhance the society function, it is playing a key role in ensuring the resilience in social PPP infrastructure.

This study develops a reliability-based performance measurement framework (RPMF) within social PPP context, and will be validated in three scenarios: cost-benefit analysis due to market variations, service performance analysis due to changes of end-user’s expectation and project performance analysis due to impact of shock (like epidemic, earthquake, flood). The RPMF study could help understand the status quo of resilient level of social PPPs and enable an earlier reminder to adapt to potential changes in the future.

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