We try to unravel the complex interplay of sub-surface processes in geological structures by means of novel numerical simulations, simultaneously considering wide ranging time and length scales from the rock pore to the scale of the earth’s crust.

Of particular interest is the migration of CO2 in geo-storage facilities, hydrocarbon pathways and flow and recovery from fractured reservoirs, as well as the discovery scale-aware constitutive relationships for heterogeneous porous media.


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Our research approach: Simulation-Guided Complex Systems Engineering


  • Simulation-Based Engineering Science
  • Goal: predict system behaviour from sparse observations
  • What-if? Analysis of natural and engineered systems
  • Early detection and elimination of side effects of engineering measures
  • Optimisation of system performance
  • Assimilation of monitoring data
  • Uncertainty analysis
  • Cyber-physica systems


Complex systems modeling platform (CSMP++) etc.

  • Goal-based simulation (space-time adaptive methods)
  • HPC parallel cloud- / GPU / real-time computing
  • Extensive international collaboration
  • Industry consortia and champions in high-impact application areas (CTC)
  • Development of commercial strength user-friendly software through strategic alliances with industry
  • Impact illustrated by showcases and benchmarks that show that technology makes a difference