Associate Professor Frank Leahy

Recent publications

  1. Leahy F. Remembering Edwin J Welch: surveyor to Howitt's Contingent Exploration Party. The Aboriginal Story of Burke and Wills: Forgotten Narratives. CSIRO Publishing. 2013. Editors: Clark ID, Cahir F.
  2. Leahy F. William John Wills as scientist. Burke and Wills The Scientific Legacy of the Victorian Exploring Expedition. CSIRO Publications. 2011.
  3. Leahy F. Locating the "Plant Camp" of the Burke and Wills expedition. Journal of Spatial Science. Spatial Sciences Institute. 2007, Vol. 52, Issue 2. DOI: 10.1080/14498596.2007.9635118
  4. Fraser C, Judd, Leahy F. The Simplicity and Complexity of Straights and Curves. 5th International Symposium on Mobile Mapping Technology (MMT�07). University of Calgary. 2007.
  5. Fraser RW, Collier P, Leahy F. A Rigorous Approach to the Technical Implementation of Legally Defined Marine Boundaries. Fifth Trans-Tasman Survey Conference. Spatial Sciences Institute. 2006, Issue Paper 0018.
  6. Fraser RW, Leahy F, Collier P. Code-Carrier Phase Smoothing via the Least Squares Observations Equations Model. International Global Navigation Satellite Systems Society 2006. Menay. 2006.
  7. Shortis MR, Leahy F, Ogleby C, Kealy A, Ellis FG. Web-based learning of spatial design and analysis concepts using simulations and visual feedback.. Survey Review. Commonwealth Association of Surveying and Land Economy. 2004, Vol. 37, Issue 291.
  8. Logan SA, Leahy F, Kealy A. Integration of GPS carrier phase and other measurements for kinematic mapping. Journal of Geodesy. Springer Verlag. 2003, Vol. 76, Issue 9-10. DOI: 10.1007/s00190-002-0281-6
  9. Brown NE, Collier P, Leahy F, Kealy A. Ionospheric estimation with the quasi ionospheric free ambiguity resolution strategy. Conference Proceedings SATNAV 2003. Menay. 2003.
  10. Fraser C, Collier P, Leahy F. Positioning maritime boundaries with certainty - a rigorous approach. ABLOS Conference 2003. International Hydrographic Bureau. 2003.
  11. Brown NE, Collier P, Leahy F, Kealy A. Sensitivity of the Quasi Ionospheric Free Ambiguity Resolution Strategy to Changes in the Ionospheric Stochastic Model. Proceedings of the 6th International Symposium on Satellite Navigation Technology Including Mobile Positioning & Location Services. Menay. 2003.
  12. Collier P, Leahy F, Williamson I. Defining a Marine Cadastre. Measure & Map. Sth Pacific Science Press International. 2002, Vol. 1, Issue 18.
  13. Kealy A, Scott-Young S, Leahy F, Cross P. Intelligent Navigation, Inertial Integration - Double assistance to GPS. GPS World. Advanstar. 2002, Vol. 13, Issue 5.
  14. Shortis MR, Leahy F, Ogleby C, Kealy A, Ellis FG. Learning spatial design and analysis concepts. 13th Annual Conference for Australasian Association for Engineering Education. Australian Association for Engineering Education. 2002.
  15. Collier P, Murphy BAM, Leahy F, Mitchell DJ. The Automated Delimitation of Maritime Boundaries: An Australian Perspective. International Hydrographic Review. International Hydrographic Bureau. 2002, Vol. 3, Issue 1.

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