Professor Leonard Stevens


Graduated from the MSE Bachelor of Civil Engineering, 1950 and Master of Engineering, 1954.
Awarded scholarship to complete his PhD at Cambridge – 1955. It is for this reason that throughout his academic life, Prof. Stevens has championed the creation of scholarship opportunities, through initiatives such at the Melbourne University Engineering Foundation (MUEF), which he established as Dean in 1982.
Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, 1979 – 1988.
Engineer assessor for New Parliament House design competition and design consultant for the construction of the New Parliament House.
Instrumental in introducing the structural engineering philosophy of Limit State Design in Australia. This was a major modernisation of the building code, which focused on preventing the failure of structures.
Had the difficult task of working on the official government inquiry in the aftermath of the devastating Cyclone Tracy. The process strengthened his push for much-needed changes to the wind loading code.
Awarded a Member of the Order of Australia in 2005 for outstanding contribution to the field of engineering, and to education.
Prof. Stevens continues to teach Engineering students as Emeritus Professor at the Melbourne School of Engineering.
In celebration of the 150th anniversary of engineering education at Melbourne, the School established the Len Stevens Scholarship Appeal, which provides scholarships for outstanding graduate engineering students who pursue innovative learning experiences as well as extra-curricular achievements both locally and internationally.  “My interest is in providing opportunities for people to be able to go outside of what would be their normal experience,” he said adding "Those that have the fire to go out and do something ought to have the opportunity to fuel that fire. I’ve seen so many students who have been given such an opportunity and they’ve made so much out of it.”

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