Associate Professor Lihai Zhang

  • Room: Level: 02 Room: D210
  • Building: Engineering Block D
  • Campus: Parkville

Research interests

  • (1) Modelling fluid-structure interaction, mass transfer and reactive transport in deformed porous media
  • (2) The development of advanced stochastic analysis method
  • (3) Life-cycle performance assessment of bridges (Engineering Reliability; Structural health monitoring using non-destructive testing techniques and drone; Aerodynamic performance; Concrete corrosion)
  • (4) Orthopaedic Biomechanics and mechano-biology (Cartilage mechanics and homeostasis; Reactive transport in biological tissues; Bone fracture healing)


Associate Professor Lihai Zhang is an academic staff in the Department of Infrastructure Engineering at The University of Melbourne. He received his Master of Engineering degree from the National University of Singapore with Research Scholarship in 1995. Following a successful ten year career in industry, he went on the Melbourne International Research Scholarship to further his PhD study at the University of Melbourne and graduated in 2009. He has been employed at The University of Melbourne since obtaining his PhD.

A/Prof Zhang is best known for his expertise in numerically modelling of fluid-structure interaction, mass transfer and reactive transport in deformed porous media as well as the development of advanced stochastic analysis methods. This gives him a leading advantage and a unique angle to solving outstanding engineering problems in both Civil Engineering (Life-cycle performance assessment of bridges) and Biomedical Engineering fields (Orthopaedic Biomechanics & Mechano-Biology). A/Prof Zhang has been successful in making use of strong and sustained external collaborations both within Australia, and internationally, to seek cash funding from both public and industrial sources (e.g. ARC, NHMRC and CRC) along with supports from industrial collaborators (e.g. China Aerospace Science & Industry Corporation, and Johnson & Johnson Medical) to produce a coherent body of knowledge that has been disseminated in high impact publications.

A/Prof Zhang has published more than 100 international journal papers, conference papers and book chapters. He has been awarded more than 20 National and International Competitive Grants with a total of over AU$9 million. He is the Founding Director of Melbourne-Shenzhen Rehabilitation Research Centre and Editorial Board Member of International Journal of Applied Mechanics (World Scientific). He is also an Adjunct A/Prof in the Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine Nursing and Health Sciences at Monash University, and a Visiting Professor in Earthquake Engineering Research & Test Centre at Guangzhou University, China. Currently, A/Prof Zhang is a Fellow of Engineers Australia. He has supervised/co-supervised more than 20 PhD students.

Recent publications

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