Dr David Wilson

  • Room: Level: 03 Room: 21
  • Building: Engineering Block C
  • Campus: Parkville

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• Senior Research Fellow, Engineering Infrastructure, University of Melbourne,
• Transport planner in Chicago and Los Angeles,
• Consultant to Port of Melbourne developing computer simulation model of land-sea interface,
• Consultant in logistics and transport to Australia Post, Australian Air Express, Kmart, Bunge Metals and Engineering, Ratio Planners,
• Logistics manager for an iconic Australian manufacturer,
• Senior Research Fellow - Transport Research Centre, University of Melbourne, RMIT and University of Sydney,
• Lectured in transport planning and transport economics, logistics and supervised Masters and PhD students at RMIT University, Monash University and University of Melbourne,
• Director of Transport in Victoria.
• Invited lecturer, Department of Industrial Technology, Faculty of Engineering, Purdue University.
• Research on project governance for Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance. 

Research and Publications
Books and Chapters

“A Spreadsheet Approach to Quantitative Business Methods”, GlenTees, Melbourne,With Flaherty J, Lombardo R, Morgan P and DeSilva B 1999
“The Evanston Hospital Pharmacy” Chapter 18 Case Study in Kotler P, Armstrong J, Brown L, Adam S, and Chandler P, “Marketing”, Prentice Hall, 1988, 4th Edition. 

Conference Papers
Optimal or Historical? The Design and Evolution of Rail Transport Networks in Australia, Presented at The 30th Australian Transport Research Forum,
September 25-27th 2007, Langham Hotel, Melbourne, Australia.
Location Modelling in Logistics, Presented at CAITR 2004, The 26th Conference of the Australian Institutes of transport Research 8- 10th December 2004, Melbourne
Meaning and Measurement of Value in Logistics and Supply Chains, Presented at CAITR 2004, The 26th Conference of the Australian Institutes of Transport Research, 8- 10th December 2004, Melbourne 

Refereed Publications
Wilson D, Pelham N and Duffield C.F. (2010) “A Review of Australian PPP governance structures”, Journal of Management Financial Management of Property and Construction, Vol 15, N0.3, pp.198-215.
Wilson D, Pelham N and Duffield C. “The effect of Governance on Information Technology Projects” Australian Institute of Project Management, Adelaide Conference Centre, Adelaide, October 2009.
Hallock S and Wilson D “Urban Freight Transport: The Short Sea Alternative for Melbourne”32nd Australian Transport Research Forum, Auckland NZ 2009.
Sustainable Freight Transport Systems for Melbourne: How many freight terminals? 31st Australasian Research Forum, Gold Coast, Queensland 2008.
Tsui, M; Wilson, DI; Merry, H; Phulwani, K and Dooley, MJ. Implementing a hospital vendor-managed inventory system. J Pharm Pract Res, 2008 Mar; 38 (1): 40-3.

Recent publications

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