Research interests

  • 3D Cadastre
  • 3D Geospatial Information Systems (3D GIS, 3D Geo-Information)
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM, IFC,)


Behnam Atazadeh is a post-doctoral research fellow in the Centre for Spatial Data Infrastructures and Land Administration, Department of Infrastructure Engineering. He has extensive experience in using 3D building information models and other 3D digital technologies for cadastral surveying in urban areas. As part of his research, Behnam has published several articles in reputable scientific journals and conferences in the domain of spatial and urban informatics.

Recent publications

  1. Rajabifard, A.; Atazadeh, B.; Kalantari, M. A critical evaluation of 3D spatial information models for managing legal arrangements of multi-owned developments in Victoria, Australia. International Journal of Geographical Information Science. TAYLOR & FRANCIS LTD. 2018, Vol. 32, Issue 10, pp. 2098-2122. DOI: 10.1080/13658816.2018.1484125
  2. Rajabifard, .; Atazadeh, B.; Kalantari, M.; Williamson, . A New Method for Integrating 3D spatial information about vertically stratified ownership properties into the property map base. . FIG (International Federation of Surveyors). 2018.
  3. Rajabifard, .; Agunbiade, .; Kalantari, M.; Yip, KM.; Atazadeh, B.; Badiee, .; Isa, D.; Adimin, MK.; Chan, KL.; Aien, A.; Olfat, H.; Shojaei, D.; Anaraki, MR. An LADM-based Approach for Developing and Implementing a National 3D Cadastre – A Case Study of Malaysia. . FIG (International Federation of Surveyors). 2018, pp. 47-66.
  4. Atazadeh, B.; Rajabifard, .; Kalantari, M. Connecting LADM and IFC Standards – Pathways towards an Integrated Legal-Physical Model. . FIG (International Federation of Surveyors). 2018, pp. 89-102.
  5. Knoth, L.; Scholz, J.; Strobl, J.; Mittlboeck, M.; Vockner, B.; Atzl, C.; Rajabifard, A.; Atazadeh, B. Cross-Domain Building Models-A Step towards Interoperability. Canadian Historical Review. MDPI. 2018, Vol. 7, Issue 9. DOI: 10.3390/ijgi7090363
  6. Honarparvar, S.; Forouzandeh Jonaghani, R.; Alesheikh, AA.; Atazadeh, B. Improvement of a location-aware recommender system using volunteered geographic information. Geocarto International. Taylor & Francis. 2018, pp. 1-34. DOI: 10.1080/10106049.2018.1493155
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  11. Atazadeh, B.; Kalantari, M.; Rajabifard, A.; Ho, S. Modelling building ownership boundaries within BIM environment: A case study in Victoria, Australia. Computers, Environment and Urban Systems. ELSEVIER SCI LTD. 2017, Vol. 61, pp. 24-38. DOI: 10.1016/j.compenvurbsys.2016.09.001
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